Sunday, August 23, 2009

The curls are gone......

You remember this little boy? The little boy with a larger then life personality and the smile that can melt any heart? The little boy who's eyes are so bright and sparkly, you know he is destined for greatness. And those amazing curls!! Well, he is still that same amazing little boy...just with out the curls now.

Today was the day. The day that I had been dreading for so long. I know I am a spaz about this, yep...I admit it! I loved my baby's hair and I didn't want to cut it! But I'm also realistic! It was becoming a mess! It was wild and hard to keep from looking like he had just slept on it. So, I decided that it was just time. Eric and I agreed that it was best to do it now. Now because if it did look bad it would have time to grow out before his birthday and all the other upcoming holiday's!! So, this morning after breakfast we got dressed and went to Snipits and got it done. Linden was not happy, but he was good. H cried off and on the whole time, but stayed still and let the very nice lady do her job. And she did do a good job. A tad to short to me, but still good.

So here ya go. pics of my Big Boy!

I haven't got any really good pics of him since this. Its been a long day. But here are a few pictures for now. Don't mind the drool...we are almost done with teeth.

He was in a very silly mood!

The back

So there ya have it. My baby is officially a big boy, but will always be my baby!

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Jen Fluharty said...

Aww hun! he still looks so handsome! She did a great job!!