Friday, June 26, 2009

Big Boy Underwear

Linden is using the potty more and more. Its so exciting and yet so sad! I'm so happy that everyday he is growing and learning (and closer to being out of Diapers!), but at the same time...I want him to be my baby! Its just crazy to think he is almost 20 months old! SHUT UP!!! My gosh just saying it sends chills down my spine, and not good chill. Is there a pause button that someone forgot to give me? I mean really, it seems we are in fast forward mode. Anyways, after he used the potty yesterday I let him put on some Big Boy Underwear. He loves them, and who could blame him, they are soft and not a huge diaper! So lets see a pic..Right!

Yep, He is just to cute for words! Here are more pictures from that time....

While Linden was napping, I went to Micheal's for their Clearance Sale, well I didn't find a sale. The things that they had on Clearance was holiday stuff, so I was bummed. But I bought some things to make a wreath for the Dining Room. We have that big marble top table in there and then the wine rack and grapevine, so I decided to follow through with the Italian Vineyard look (in honor of Eric's family, and the fact that I love wine!LOL) So I got a wreath, some greenery, some bunches of fake grapes and some wine bottle corks. I kinda started it this morning but was having issue with the glue sticking to the grapes, so before I threw it in the trash I walked away! lol I will have it finished over the weekend and post pics.

I have also decided that I am going to go pick up the Amy Butler Birdie Sling Bag pattern and give it a try. I saw some really cute bags on Etsy, but decided before I spend $40 on one, I should try to make it first! lol Of course, we will see how it goes! I just might be buying one!

I still haven't even touched the training pants that need to be redone. I'm sitting here looking at them while I am typing this and I just don't know what went wrong. I know it doesn't help that my sewing machine and I have a Love Hate relationship (It loves to piss me Off, and I hate it!! I just need more practice. I have always been crafty, but not with a needle and thread. We will get there, It will just take time.

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Jen Fluharty said...

YAY!! He is SOOO cute on the in the big boy undies! Heck he is soo cute anyway!