Friday, June 12, 2009

One of those days...

Have you ever had just "one of those days"? They are just the worst! Mine started out way to early! I stayed up late last night working on some potty training pants for Linden. I got my patterns made the fabric all cut out and pinned only to have my sewing machine act stupid. I then had to deal with some personal issues, which carried over to early this morning. So my day started with me being tired, upset and mad at my dumb sewing machine. One problem at a time right!? So I slowly worked through them all.

I got the machine working, only to get frustrated because I was so tired I sewed the waistband on inside out! I then walked away from that project all together lol. I did manage to undo the stitch and will pick up on it when I'm not so tired.

I managed to take a small nap while Linden and Chase were sleeping, that doesn't happen often. Chase is normally awake when Linden naps. But it worked out today. So at least I didn't feel like I was dying.

This afternoon Linden decided instead of peeing in his potty we would pee in the floor. That was fun! No actually it was really funny. The look on his face was worth having to scrub the carpets. He has never done that before and I don't think he liked it very much. Once he got over the shock of what he did he didn't like the wetness! Its times like this I wish we had built-in cams and could capture these little moments.

I didn't get the rent check to the office again today. They where closed by the time I could get there. Please tell me....who doesn't have a night drop box? I mean really??? I don't understand it! If they try to add a late fee I am going to be mad.

I really miss Eric. I really miss him. I hate when he is gone and I am SO thankful he doesn't leave often. Linden Really misses him too. He is starting to look for him around the house more often. He goes to our room and the office calling out Dada and looking around. He is also calling for him when he is upset. And tonight when I put him down for bed he looked at me and just said Dada really soft. It was enough for me to just cry.

But with all the bad, there is always good right! The Highlight of my day was a phone call from a very very sweet Friend. She called just to check in on me and then gave me her shoulder to cry on. She really really helped me look at some things in a new light and I cant even begin to Thank her for that. Thanks Jen, you rock and I love ya!

Well I think that is my day in a nutshell. I hope to be able to post pics of some training pants soon. They will be so cute if I can just get them together!

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Jen Fluharty said...

Aww! Sweetie, glad I could help! I think those crappy days are just there to remind us how good the regular days are! {{{{{Hugs}}}} and if your not in your groove again already, I hope you get there soon!