Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Friends, Hail, and Family...Oh My!

Today we had an extra fun day. My friend Marisa, who is more of a sister to me then a friend(she calls my parents Mom and Dad, I call her Mom..Mom), came to see us. Marisa and I became friends in the 3rd grade (we are talking over 20 years ago!, im so old!!) and were just about inseparable up in till High school when she moved, but then lived together most of our Sr. year(although we went to different schools). We haven't seen her since last summer. Needless to say, Linden has changed a lot since then. She is currently pregnant with her first child, so alot of our convo was about baby's which is always great. After she left I couldn't help but reflect on our lives together and how amazing it is that after all these years we are still so close. She is that friend that we can be apart for years but put us in a room and we could talk for weeks...without just reminiscing. It warms my heart knowing that even though I dont see her often or even talk to her weekly, she is always their and will be by my side in a second if I needed her. And I am always here for her. I'm also excited that she has lil "Sprout" and that we know have a whole new chapter in our lives that we can share with each other. And boy, we already have so many chapters. I hope that our kids (she doesn't know if sprout is a boy or girl yet, although the pee test says boy) can be good kids. I know we live kinda far apart and with every one's busy lives, we wont see each other to often. But one can hope..Right?!?

My brother showed up around 4ish. Not long after he got there (we are talking mins.) and huge roar of Thunder rolled. I was in shock because it had just been amazingly sunny and I didn't know we had storms on the way. And boy did we get one. I saw it was getting increasingly dark. I asked Eric if we should move the flower pots of the rail just in case it did get bad. No sooner then he moved them it started raining and hailing. It was like marble sized hail and it was alot of it! At one point it looked like the rain stopped and it was just hail falling from the skys. It lasted for all of 10 mins and then the sun was back and you couldn't even tell it happened. Crazy Texas weather!

Anyways, My Parents and Grandmother showed up a little while later and we had dinner. We ordered out Cowboy Chicken, which I love! Oh..And I found out they deliver...boy are they in trouble now! We had a good time and of course my parents brought Linden more toys. Little People people and animals and a REALLY cute guitar so he can play with Eric and I! I will have to post Pics and Video soon.

I also did some home school research today. I think we are now sure that is the way we want to go. After we read this
it was hard to argue it any longer. This lady, Bridget, needs a medal! Talk about Super Mom! Anyways, a friend of mine , Jen, posted a site with what looks to be an amazing program. We sent away for information and a video. We actually had a lady from the school call us within a hours time after requesting the video. Eric had to tell her we are way ahead of the game and that we were just looking for info and doing research, that Linden was only 20 months old. He she laughed at that. I guess maybe, it is a bit early to worry so much, but then it really? If we enroll Linden in Private school or even the Private Homeschooling course we are talking $1000's of dollars a year! We do not want to send Linden to public schools. The schools around us are just not good learning environment. I was looking at some of the private schools around here and we are talking 6k to 20k a year! Most where no less then $800 a month (for 10 months) that is just crazy. The Private School course through k12 is 5,000 a year. So its much less and it would be from home, online, he would have a private teacher and of course Eric and I would be here to guide him along. I don't know, maybe its to early to worry about it...but if we are going to be dishing out even 5,000 dollars a year...I think its well worth lots of early planning and planning. We are talking about our child's future. And besides, there are some schools that if you aren't registered the day you find out your pregnant..your too late, the class is full! Talk about early! Ok....I think Im done with that subject for now. Oh...But Jen, Thanks for that site!!!

Yep, it was a fun, crazy, busy kinda day. Pictures soon....

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Jen Fluharty said...

I love moments with friends like that. I have a couple of people that I can get together with like no time has ever passed. Hope your doing well!