Sunday, July 12, 2009

New stuff....

So we had an extremely busy weekend. With Linden's Eye, then shopping for Linden's room and the patio....we had a lot going on....hence lots of post in one day.

Let's start with Linden's room. We went and bought Linden a BIG bag of Mega Blocks. He had a small set that he got with a toy at Christmas from some lovely friends of Mimi's and loved them. He would sit forever just playing with them. So, we bought a set of 250 of them!! And we also bought him a organizer tub self to keep some of his smaller toys in. I love this thing because its not to tall and he can reach everything and see whats there to play with. Some of his smaller fave. toys always fell to the bottom of his toy box and he could never get to them! In getting this new shelf we had to move things around.

So here are some Pics!

His bedroom as a whole...well, I guess as a are missing the back half of the room, but its unchanged.

A updated look at the stuffed animal pile! We counted...we are up to over 100!

In the Dinning room I finally finished the wreath I started and got it hung. Here it is...
And a look at the overall wall... You can see our nifty wine holder that we got from Ikea. It was empty at the time, but now its full...I will have to get a pic with it full so you can get the full effect. But this will have to do for now. Also, I moved Denim to the bar. I was tired of moving him from the table.

Here is a close up of My lil Denim! I love him!

And here is my new center piece. It will never be as good as Denim, but I think Denim is happy were he is now.

And as if that wasn't enough....We did more Patio Gardening! We pulled up the old Grass that was dying and looking blah and put down some new stuff. We added some lattice for the Morning Glory's and Sweet Peas to climb. We took the tomatoes out of the 3 tier planter and put them in a new pot and added new flowers to the 3 tier and added a second 3 tier of flowers. We took the daisy's down and put them in a new pot and put new flowers in the old planter. I added a hanger of Sweet Potato Vine (I can't wait for it to take off!) We got a Wisteria to go in between the Jasmine. Added a Hibiscus. And last but not least....we got Seymore!! Seymore is my new baby! We will talk about Seymore in a bit...

A view from out door...

A view from the parking lot...

Close up looks.......

How do you hide the satellite bucket you ask? hehe

And then there is ....Seymore!

Seymore is a Pitcher Plant. He is in the family of Fly Traps. He catches bugs in his "pitchers"! Isn't he the coolest!!

Ok...So that's what I did this weekend...... What did you do?

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