Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zoo Day

Last Friday Eric, Linden and I went to the Dallas Zoo. We had a blast. It wasn't to hot and all the animals were out and about. Linden enjoyed seeing the gorillas again. Timbo was sitting by the glass so he got to get up close with her. She is known to kiss the glass and be friendly with zoo goers and she didn't disappoint. I let Linden walk up to the glass and she looked at him and then placed her hand (in a fist) on the glass and Linden returned the gesture by giving her bumps! It was the sweetest thing ever. Sadly there were lots of other kids and people around so Eric didn't get a pic, or even get to see it. In the children's area Linden loved seeing the chickens, sheep, and ducks. He also got to pet a giant bunny which he thought was cool. The male tiger was fun to watch! He got into his pool of water to get cool. He looked like he was in heaven in that water! He loved the giraffe's and they seem to be his new favorite animal right now. We also enjoyed seeing Jenny the elephant and her new friend Gypsy. We are looking forward to their home being finished next year. Of course no zoo trip would be complete without a stop in the gift shop! And it was there were Daddy bought Linden two new stuffed animals. A Giraffe and a Meerkat! We gave him the Meerkat when we got into the van and he just loved it! Once we got home we gave him the giraffe and he now Carry's them both around where ever he goes. If he is in the living room they have to be, if he is sleeping they must sleep with him. Its to cute! I need to get pictures of him with them. But for now here are some pictures of the zoo.


The Famous Miss Jenny

The Zoo's newest Elephant Gypsy

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